Wednesday, 22 April 2009

iPod 1st Gen themes for Rockbox official build

Click the images below to download the zip files then extract to your 'Rockboxed' ipod.


This theme requires the current build of Rockbox. I made this after being inspired by another theme that was originally for the ipod video by jClix.


This theme is a slightly modified version of the AAMinimal theme. I've added icons along the side. Thanks to Joseph Wain for providing some of the icons from


This theme is very minimal as in there's no info on tracks or songs. All it displays is album art and it will replace it with a pause, fast forward, rewind and the hold icon. I just wanted a theme to allow the biggest size possible with album art.

Clone of the original Apple iPod Nano

This theme even has volume graphics that'll replace the progress bar when you scroll the wheel just like the original!


Based on the Apple Mac Classic

Based on the Creative Muvo N200



Chris T said...

The WPS is all messed up for me--am I just not installing this right?

Chris T said...

Er, I should have clarified that I'm referring to nClix on Rockbox 3.5.1.

iPodFoo said...

In what way is it messed up? Are you loading the cfg file under themes? Also, it may be that Rockbox altered the way it loads fonts, it used to be like so: %Fl|2|helvR08| now its %Fl|2|helvR08.fnt| Make sure youve got the latest build from Cheers.

Chris T said...

It looks like this:

In the UI simulator, I get notices that it can't find helvR08.fnt.fnt, so in the .wps and .sbs I changed them to specify helvR08 instad of helvR08.fnt, and it works in the simulator now. But it still doesn't work on my actual iPod.

Chris T said...

Er, I tried re-installing r25767 and now it works with the modified .sps and .wps I mentioned earlier...I checked the version info, and before I reinstalled r25767 it kept listing the version as 3.5.1, which means I didn't actually have the latest build. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

AAPod does not show album art for current build on Nano 1st gen. (Thanks.)

Ipod Docks UK said...

Interesting never tried these tips will try mate thanks alot.